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"Mere killing should never be enough. How much more intense is the feeling of inhaling the mist created when you vibrate a foe’s body until he vaporises? How much more completely have you explored all a person can offer you than when you breathe them into yourself, leaving only the memory of them still a part of this world?"

-Gilliax Soundwarden, Warpsmith to the Emperor’s Children

(art by: Tiernen Trevallion)




Thought of the Day: The seed of heresy rests in the minds of reasonable men


Reasonable and intelligent men, yes. This is not a coincidence.

The reasonable and intelligent men can see the Primordial Truth, which we all know is not the Emperor >.>

askchaossister asked:

It is obvious my Lord Khorne is the most superior of all the gods of Chaos, but whom do you chose to worship?

As a herald of the pantheon I cannot and will not dedicate my soul to only one deity. There are times I must admit when one of them speaks louder to me than the others, but I shall listen to all of them equally.


Anonymous asked:

What do the gods wish of me

As from all of us, the gods wish for our services, we shall pray for them and praise them. To know our calling we must search and listen for the whispers of our gods in our feelings. Amongst our emotions is where the gods can reach us, and they will whisper different things for each person. Listen to your feelings, and you shall hear the gods.

Thank you fellow heretics!

My dear heretics, brothers and sisters!

Today was a great day for the followers of the true pantheon of Chaos. From the masses you all have emerged.

Slowly more and more of you have risen from the abyss of blindness. Slowly more and more of you have opened your eyes. Slowly more and more of you have found the true answer for your prayers, which fell upon deaf ears at the false emperor. Our numbers have grown…

From now on we shall stand together with 1000 of our fellow devoted heretics! From now on a thousand of us, and soon even more of us shall stand against the corpse emperor and his rotting empire! From now on WE! ARE! LEGION!

-Sigrael, Herald of the Gods

"I prepared to enter his realm, expecting to encounter guardians who would seek to tear into me with talons and fangs. At the least I assumed I would find bastions to bar my progress. I found none. The land before me was open and pristine. Its fields shimmered like gold and its forests bore fruits of sapphires and emeralds. I took a step into this place and instantly knew I was lost just as surely as if I had been impaled on a debtor’s spike."

-From the heretical tome The Confessions of Cardinal Wogalta

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