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nostalgicwombat asked:

Greetings oh mighty Chaos Overlord, we are diplomats of the Tau Water Caste, here to open negotiations and perhaps persuade you to join our cause. So, what do you say to joining the Great Tau Empire in the name of the Greater Good?

I can only greet you with the words of Lord Eliphas, Tau…

"Alien, you come here to your doom." Our loyalty lies with the Gods of the Warp, and it will stay that way till the end of time. As your kind is unable to hear the song of the Immaterium, in the eyes of our great Gods -and so in ours- you worth the same as any insect we crushed under our boots.

theillplanet asked:

My Lord, I bow before your glory. I'm seeking quote from either Khorne or Lorgar, or another holy script praising Khorne or Chaos Undivided, to be written unto my skin to show my devotion. Any suggestions? Glyphs were a nice touch.

Greetings my follower. My favorite quote about Chaos and the Primordial Truth -though I’m not sure if it fits your desires- is an ultimatum made before a Word Bearers’ assault:

"Speak the words of Lorgar and you shall live forever in the glory of Chaos. Speak them not and every one of you shall die today.”

Or some words from Lorgar himself like:

"The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time.”

I’m not entirely sure which can fit you most so I’ll look some more into the scripts I have in my library. My best guess is that some simple "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!" won’t be enough for you.

You can look up some quotes in the Lexicanum too, or I can also recommend looking into the Black Crusade rulebooks. If I’ll find some other good ones I’ll notify you!

If you find a good one I’d like to see a picture of the finished product.

May the Dark Gods watch over you!

umberkhalidor asked:

Hi, Lord ! i'm very interested of what lord Fulgrim became after the Great Heresy of our beloved Horus Warmaster. do you have any picture or book in your impious database ?. greetings !

Greetings my dear follower. I recommend you to acquire the Angel Exterminatus from the Horus Heresy series, written by Graham McNeill. They also made a superb audiobook from it, strongly recommended if you want to know more about what happened to the Phoenician.

Below are the short version.

He went to party in some Eldar tomb world with Perturabo like this:


Then after consuming a big load of Eldar souls he became this:



Anonymous asked:

Is there a book for us heritics? there is the imperial infantrymans handbook but is there a book of lorgar in real life?

The only I know of is the Liber Chaotica series. Though they’re not 40k they’re still fun to read. The books are written from the perspective of Richter Kless (who is an Imperial Priest of Sigmar) assigned with the task of gathering any knowledge about the Gods and their servants.

If anyone knows about other chaotic literature please share it with us.

!SPOILER! (i think)

As he goes on with his research he starts to get visions and nightmares about things from the 40k universe and also starts to fall into madness (he will hear the voices too), eventually understanding and accepting the ways of the Ruinous Powers.

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