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It is Victory in War that brings Immortality.

Discipline leads to Victory. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality. Immortality is the gift of Chaos. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs.

-Eight Principles of War - Breviary of the Alpha Legion

theloverboyonfire asked:

How do the CSM add numbers to their ranks? I understand cultists, daemons, but not CSM.

Our great Legions recruit from the denizens of the Eye of Terror mostly. Just like the slaves of the False Emperor, the Chaos Legions also use their geneseed on the recruits, only difference is the warp blessed geneseed, and the more dangerous methods of implantation. I hope this answers your question.

May the Dark Gods watch over you.

"Mere killing should never be enough. How much more intense is the feeling of inhaling the mist created when you vibrate a foe’s body until he vaporises? How much more completely have you explored all a person can offer you than when you breathe them into yourself, leaving only the memory of them still a part of this world?"

-Gilliax Soundwarden, Warpsmith to the Emperor’s Children

(art by: Tiernen Trevallion)




Thought of the Day: The seed of heresy rests in the minds of reasonable men


Reasonable and intelligent men, yes. This is not a coincidence.

The reasonable and intelligent men can see the Primordial Truth, which we all know is not the Emperor >.>

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